Cosmetics Licorice Essence Skin Care (10ml) Anti-allergic Repair Repair Essence Skin Care Essence

Liquorice Serum Other Names:Liquorice essenceLiquorice essence serumLiquorice serumLiquorice Essence LiquidLiquorice Original LiquidLiquorice BIOLOGICAL ESSENCELiquorice Essence StosteAntiallergic repairingIngredients: Liquorice, hyaluronic acid, collagen.Liquorice Extract:Contains liquorices extract to replenis

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Liquorice Serum 

Other Names:
Liquorice essence
Liquorice essence serum
Liquorice serum
Liquorice Essence Liquid
Liquorice Original Liquid
Liquorice Essence Stoste

Antiallergic repairing

Ingredients: Liquorice, hyaluronic acid, collagen.

Liquorice Extract:
Contains liquorices extract to replenish immune serum globulin that allergic skin requires. This Extract can shape a protective film on skin and cellular tissue.

Helps enhance skin's immunity and promote ISG synthesis. Leaves skin refreshed, healthy and allergy-free.

Super seepage force, moisturizing except knit, hydrating whitening, repair damaged cell oxidation, enhance skin elasticity, make the skin smooth, full embellish, transparent is full of youthful vitality.
Suitable skin: Neutral and dry skin.

Suitable for sensitivity skin, anaphylaxis skin or thin cortical layer and fragile skin

Usage method:
After cleaning skin in the morning and evening, apply some essence liquid gently spread on your face (apply to whole face), then pat and massage until it is absorbed.

When using several kinds of liquid, waiting one completely absorb and then use another one.

Specification: 10ml

Storage: Seal, shading, store in cool dry place. This product contains active ingredients. After opening as soon as possible after use or fridge save.

Production License: XK16 --1089811
Health permit: GD. FDA (2012)
Guard makeup approved by: 29-XK-3531
Executive Standard NO.: QB/T 1857-2004.


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