Hailey Bieber shares thoughts on the best product for puffy eyes

2022-05-28 09:05:52 By : Ms. Ada Yu

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We asked an expert if it really works...

Over recent years, facial tools have been on the rise with the likes of the Foreo Luna brush and the trusted Gua Sha Rose Quartz stone being two of the most popular. Now, 2022 has brought hype to a different kind of facial tool and of course, it comes courtesy of TikTok. Let me introduce to you: the ice roller.

The ice roller and other variations of facial ice tools including one that is very popular amongst influencers, the Silicone Ice Roller Face Mould, £7.99, has been taking the internet by storm after accumulating over 54 million views on TikTok.

And the latest celebrity to jump on the trend is none other than Hailey Bieber. In her latest YouTube video under a new series named 'BEAUTY TIPS & TRICKS', the model is joined by Hyram Yarbro, founder of his very own namesake skincare brand Selfless by Hyram.

Side note: does it remind anyone else of an ice lolly... or even a tablet? Just me? OK. In the video, the pair test out two different ice tools for the face, but their favourite is the silicone mould.

"I see these all over TikTok... oh it feels so good. This is going to be the best thing for puffy eyes", Hailey shares, while Hyram winces at the ice on his face. She continues: "[Hyram] is like 'ow' it's freezing".

Despite its shiver-inducing properties (it is ice, after all), Hailey and Hyram seem to be enjoying the product and even recommend that "it's probably nice for a headache, too". However, we can't help but doubt the safety of using this much ice on such a delicate area of skin.

So, in order to gain a better insight into face icing, we spoke with Dr Derrick Phillips, consultant dermatologist at the Cadogan Clinic, who provided us with all that there is to know, including the good, the bad, and the ugly icy facts.

"Using ice on a clean face, emphasis on the clean, is going to reduce any pain you may have, by temporarily reducing your nerve activity and reducing your blood flow which helps with de-puffing also," he explains.

"It's the same as having an ice shower or bath to heal our muscles after an extreme workout. However, the main use of applying ice to our face, especially under the eyes, is to reduce any puffiness in that area".

Sounds to me like the perfect early morning swollen face solution!

He adds: "When using ice on the face, it is recommended to limit the time it is applied directly to the skin; this is due to the skin on the face being sensitive and can easily be affected by ice blisters if held on for too long.

"Using ice is good and recommended above many other viral trends but, like most things, there are side effects. Applying ice directly on the face is harmful and can cause frostbite or even ice burn which can lead to scarring. It can also cause skin irritation and damage to the capillaries within the skin."

Aka: proceed with CAUTION. Dr Phillip adds that an alternative method would be to "use ice cubes wrapped with a cloth". Or, we recommend looking into alternative non-abrasive tools, such as this stainless steel Kitsch's Ice Roller, £14.50.

And with all that info, all we can do is thank Dr Phillips. You're a true skin saviour!

Watch Hailey's full YouTube video below: