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There are soooo many sculpting face tools out there that it can be daunting to make a decision on which one to try out. There are those odd-looking ice globes, vibrating face massagers, blue light pens and the list goes on. Sometimes, simple is better. Gua shas are nothing new to the beauty scene and go through waves of popularity, but I found one I plan to keep on-hand through thick and thin.

Sacheu Beauty’s Stainless Steel Gua Sha, first and foremost, has Kourtney Kardashian’s stamp of approval, which is a huge deal. Whenever a Kardashian or Jenner mentions a product they love, we swarm to checkout. The eldest Kardashian sister wrote that she loves to use the tool after applying her fav serums to help the ingredients penetrate deep into the skin. She noted that the skincare essential is “cooling and nonporous”—an added bonus. 

This version isn’t your run-of-the-mill quartz or jade gua sha, it’s one-of-a-kind thanks to its 100 percent stainless steel make. While the material definitely helps it look the part, it does actually have skin benefits that its counterparts lack.

“I used this a few times and, wow, my jaw tension went away and my face had a beautiful, healthy glow to it,” wrote one reviewer. “If you’re looking for a sturdy gua sha tool that actually works, get this one!” 

I didn’t want other shoppers to sway me, though. I tested out this gua sha myself to see if Kourt’s review was actually true. See below for what I really think, as well as how to get yours at Sacheu Beauty, Amazon and Ulta.

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To start, the tool is chilly to the touch without needing to stick it in the refrigerator or freezer. The material is completely self-cooling , which is why this product is so genius. It’s also non-porous, unlike jade and rose quartz, meaning bacteria won’t hide in crevices and then move onto your skin. In Covid times, I love a good antibacterial anything.

We can all be a bit clumsy at times, but luckily, the stainless steel build ensures that it won’t shatter into a million pieces , which can’t be said of its jade and quartz counterparts. This already sounds like a dream to use, but it also feels divine on your skin, too. It’s so refreshing and calming on the surface. The gua sha also works wonders on the inside, like how it’s great for soothing muscle tension, boosting lymphatic drainage, getting rid of puffiness and fending off wrinkles and inflammation .

All in all, you have a cleaner, cooler and more effective way to improve your complexion. It feels amazing on my skin, as though I’m at a spa, and I just love the fact that no matter where I use it, it’s already cold to the touch. I combine it with Sacheu Beauty’s Thick Skin serum , because you definitely need some slip when using a gua sha. However, you could technically apply any serum, balm or oil.

“Love the fact that it’s made out of stainless steel. It’s nice and cold when you first touch the skin and impossible to break it, like I did with my other ones,” wrote one shopper. 

“I love how it de-puffs my face. My face is definitely 100 percent slimmer and more defined . The price point is higher compared to gua shas on Amazon, but it’s most definitely worth it. You are getting what you paid for and the quality of this is so worth it,” wrote another shopper.

I can only echo their rave reviews and confirm that Kourt is seriously onto something with this stainless steel gua sha. A face tool that’s $35 but lasts forever sounds like the beauty secret everyone could use in their daily routines. Find it at Sacheu Beauty, Amazon and Ulta.

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